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Some of Our Show Babies & Students

  Sans Faute' by Santar out of Asian Miracle (TB/CSHA)

                                                                                   Class Winning CSHA horse with Champion and Reserve

                                                                                   Championships, Trained / Ridden by Ginny Johnson in

                                                                                   Eventing and Low Hunter


  Sar aka Signature by Santar out of Asian Miracle,

                                                                                  placed 7th in the Lt Govenors Cup - for

                                                                                  owner/breeder Ginny Johnson out of

                                                                                  29 entries.

                                                                              Competed on  the "A" Circuit in the 3'6" Amateur/Owner

                                                                                 Hunters for owner Dr Mary Bell & rider Sarah Bell-

                                                                                 Dingwall. Winner of the "Rainer Lange-Mechlen

                                                                 Top Canadian Bred Hunter Award" at the 2006

                                                                                 Royal Winter Fair.

  Campbell by Santar out of Brave Victoria  (CSHA/TB)

                                                      2003 Trillium Champion Adult / Amateur Hunter

                                                                 Currently competing on the "Trillium" Circuit in

                                                                              the Childrens Hunters.


     Santiara by Santar out of Kem, TB/ CSHA 1st

                                                                                   Premium Rated mare scoring 84+%.)

                                                                   "2000 CSHA Horse of the Year" & Multiple

                                                                                    Champion CSHA.

                                                                                   She is also C.S.H.A Approved F-1, 1st Premium

                                                                                  Breeding Mare in 2009.

                                                                                    Started & Trained by Ginny Johnson for the Trillium

                                                                                   Hunters for owner at Millgrove Farms.

                                                                     Currently schooling show Hunter & Jumper with

                                            The Ryan's at Old Orchard Stables.


      Santa Rosa by Santar out of Kara (TBxTrek/CSHA)

                                                                                    Started/Trained by Ginny Johnson and competed in

                                                                                    Training Level Eventing & Jumpers with her owner at

                                                                                    Howling Hills.

                                                                                    Currently retired as a successful broodmare.


  Action Jackson aka register OTTB Third Time Lucky 

Shown Trillium Hunter and Training Level

Eventing, retrained and shown by

Ginny Johnson.

 Currently age 28 (2013) and retired at Wintar Stables 


Amber Faraday and the "Grey Friar"      

Coached in Pony Club, Regular Schooling Jumpers and Eventing



          Jennifer Ruttle and Wintar OTTB "Double Charged"

          Photo credit: A Bellini                               Coaching in Eventing & Schooling Jumpers



Congratulations everyone