Wintar Sport Horse Services

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Wintar Stables & Sport Horse Services is a private boarding facility, offering boarding, breeding, training, instruction, and Line Showing, all at very reasonable rates.

Located in the heart of the Horse Community in Ontario, Wintar is within 1 hours drive of major cities and between 4 Racetracks (Woodbine, Mohawk, Flamboro and Ft. Erie), as well within reasonable travel time to most show facilities.

With 30 + years experience handling / managing all types of horse, from breeding stallions, race horses, show horses, pleasure horses ranging in ages from weanlings to seniors, we offer individual feed programs, daily handling and grooming if required as part of our commitment to quality and care. This is the reason why young stock excels at our facility, particularly foals that benefit from the routine. Introducing foals and young stock to early life skills gives them the confidence they need to become successful performance horses.

Wintar Stables & Sport Horse Services offers many services to the horse owner whether you own just one or one of many,

at Wintar we treat your horse on an individual basis.

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